02 March 2010

Snow? Yes, finally.

It did finally snow in Tbilisi. We had waited for so long, and a few weeks ago we were pleased to wake up to a wintery landscape. The snow has completely melted now, and the weather has turned warm, but for two weeks, we saw some snow around us. It wasn't too cold, so we took several walks around to look at it. Luckily, there are many hills and areas around us without roads, where the snow could stick and stay white.

On the first day of snow, we took a long walk up a street we had never been up before, to find an old church with some nice views of the city.  We saw some snow men, snow churches, and even a few kids throwing snowballs. The kids were not alone, however. After taking pictures of a monk ringing the midday bell, Nic looked away to take other pictures but was nearly hit by a holy snowball! The aggressor? The monk who had been ringing the bell. After he was finished, he picked up some snow and crafted a perfect ball for throwing at Nic. I think he intentionally missed, as it fell at Nic's feet. Perhaps this was the saintly (though funny) thing to do.

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