12 October 2009


I have often been asked by astonished parties "why on earth would I go to the end of the earth?"  There are many answers--adventure, discovery, learning, ... but one of the most important is freedom.  Freedom to do laundry.  See below just a snippet of how asinine America has become.  We don't have a clothes-dryer; gosh we must be poor.  And those apartments below ours, with the outhouses in the courtyard, we should outlaw those...


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  1. Gosh I must have been too! But the slap-slap of sheets on a clothes line and the wonderful outdoor smell when you crawled into them at night, was a benefit of growing up in the country. Have to tell you though, that come January when your jeans freeze on the lines, you'll want an inside clothes rack! I would hang things out here, but our neighborhood covenant still prohibits it,although the state says its OK!


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