10 October 2009


There isn't any here in the city.  I have been receiving word from family and friends that the resorts are opening back in Colorado and that the ski season is off to an earlier than normal start (at least compared to the past decade or so).  We can see these snow-capped peaks from home, weather depending.  

Sora and I have been busy this past week despite being ill.  She has been substituting full-time at the international school for a teacher that went back to the US for his son's birth in addition to keeping her English-teaching schedule at the language school and with private students.  I have kept up on my Russian lessons while getting out to the library scene a bit and attending some academic talks.  We have also been to an art show and the ballet Don Quixote.  The performance was great and the theatre also beutiful.    
The entertainment is rarely finished in Georgia.  On the way home we walked past this chic hair place.  I imagine that this "salon" gets a very interesting type of client.  More to come...

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